Our Team

We are passionate game changers from diverse backgrounds on a mission to build technology for commercial and social impact.

Franco Paolo Liu Eisma

Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder
Franco has been in the technology industry for more than fifteen years, starting his career as a Design Engineer developing automation and robotic systems. Overtime transitioning to business roles working across the Asia-Pacific region. He’s worked for internet giants such as Google and Amazon, as well as the World Economic Forum and researched Data Privacy issues for the European Commission.
Franco works with organisations across Asia from Enterprises, Startups, NGOs in executing technology-enabled business goals. He lives in Lanzarote Spain and spends time hiking, reading and travelling to hidden gems. Franco holds an MPhil in Tech Policy from the University of Cambridge, an MSc in Management of Technology from the National University of Singapore and is an Electrical Engineer by training.

Dr. Miller Mendoza Jiménez

Chief Science & Technology Officer, Co-Founder
Miller has been involved in scientific research for more than fifteen years. He started his scientific career at the National University of Colombia, where he graduated as a physicist holding a master's degree. Later on, he moved to Switzerland to pursue his doctoral studies at ETH Zurich. After completing his PhD in Computational Physics, he continued there as a Senior Scientist, managing projects, writing grants, and supervising research. During his career, he has collaborated with several groups all around the world and possesses a strong interdisciplinary background. Lately, he has been busy solving sustainability challenges together with private and public institutions worldwide using the latest technological and scientific advances. Some of his interests also gravitate around the development and application of blockchain technology.

Alan Kaydul

Chief Operating Officer, Co-Founder
Alan has been working for more than nine years in a broad range of industries, including technology firms, financial services, startups and the government sector in Europe and Asia-Pacific. He started his career in the early 2000s, working as Software Developer for one of Switzerland's first internet-pioneers building e-Commerce solutions for Swiss and international corporations. His latest role was at Accenture Strategy & Consulting in Zurich, where he supported large corporations on their technology transformation journeys as a Consultant. Alan holds an MPhil in Tech Policy from the University of Cambridge, and a BSc in Computational Science & Engineering from ETH Zurich.

Kukuh Kurniawan

Advisor, Energy & Sustainability - ASEAN
Kukuh has more than thirteen years of experience in engineering and management consultancy. He has provided policy advisory services to executives at ministries, state-owned enterprises, and the private sector in agriculture, sustainable energy and logistics. Kukuh is also responsible in shaping the strategic direction of ASCO, a renewable energy firm, in his role as CEO. In the early days of his career, he was part of the supply chain management team at Unilever as an Engineer, and later on worked as Account Manager at Cisco, both in the U.S. and Indonesia. Kukuh holds a Master of Science in Engineering and Policy Analysis degree from the Delft University of Technology, Netherlands, a Master in Numerical Economics and Network Industries degree from Université Paris XI, France, and Bachelor of Electrical Engineering degree from Universitas Indonesia.

Dr. Diana Martín Rodríguez

Research & Development Lead
Diana has been working for more than ten years in scientific research, including data pre-processing, algorithm development and technology in order to solve analytically complex problems in artificial intelligence and computer science. She started her career in 2008, working as machine learning researcher at the Technological University of Havana, becoming Associate Professor in the Department of Artificial Intelligence and Infrastructure of Informatics Systems. In the last few years, she also worked as Software Engineer, building applications to support and improve the management capabilities of a private sector company. Diana holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Granada, Spain, an MSc in Applied Informatics and a BSc in Computational Science & Engineering from the Technological University of Havana, Cuba.

Cesar Leal

Sustainable Partnerships - LATAM
Cesar has been working in scientific research for more than seven years. He began his undergraduate degree in physics at the National University of Colombia and continued his journey at the Simón Bolivar University in Venezuela. He has worked in statistical physics, using Monte Carlo simulations in multidisciplinary problems, and particle physics, in CERN's LHCb experiment generation and reconstruction software. Currently, he is the director of science and technology at CienciaLocal.co, a company dedicated to promoting science, fighting climate change, and supporting industry 4.0 in Colombia.