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Welcome to Grundo

Tackling sustainability challenges globally.

Grundo provides advisory, consulting, and technology solutions to problems related to agriculture, sustainability, and beyond. Our problem-solving approach uses the latest scientific research that unlocks impactful new ways of doing things, all of which are fully customized for our clients. We take a first-principles approach, and craft advisory and technology solutions tailored to our clients’ success metrics.

We are a Swiss-Singapore company operating in Asia and Europe, delivering targeted consulting engagement and technology solutions globally. Our mission is to aid food security and sustainability projects through actionable, open, and scalable data systems.

Our Services

Tackling hard to solve problems with the latest technology and research.

Who can benefit from Grundo

Whether you are trying to detect small objects in a field, or monitor patterns at planet-scale, Grundo is right for you.

Provision of data that form the basis to formulate policy, plan and execute.
Industrial Farmers
A range of services such as plant health monitoring, and fertilizer or pesticide optimization.
Private Sector
Pollution within the mining industry or earth-quake resilience studies for financial services are only a few of many examples.
Explore with Grundo how satellites can be used to detect plastic debris or crude oil spills in water bodies.