Bridging Markets with Natural Capital Satellites, AI, and Food Systems

Real-Time Yield Predictor System


Grundo is a Swiss start-up that bridges markets and industries with natural capital. We do that by identifying critical pieces of information from complex satellite data that we uncover by building advanced algorithms including machine learning and AI. These information are being used to answer questions like how much wheat is being grown in Switzerland today, last year and maybe in three months, something we call yield prediction. Organisations are able to use these information to efficiently disburse subsidy payments to farmers for good farming practices, develop plans and policy assessments for sustainable food production.

The other problems we are helping answer are critical information for yield prediction of major crops that can be used by insurance companies, governments to assess risk and mitigate the impacts of climate change. By reliably providing advanced insights on crop yield, companies are able to align financial resources to balance risks and potential market gains. The cumulative estimate of the markets we are trying to serve is over $150 billion globally and growing fast. But the social impact is equally if not more important as climate change and food security are on an unavoidable collision course. These problems define our work and mission at Grundo.

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