Environmental Protection

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Plastic Debris

Plastic DebrisIncreasing production, trends of usage and changing demographics have led to an increase of plastic debris in the ocean and other water bodies. Plastic pollution has become a pressing environmental issue, as a large number of species are known to be seriously harmed by entanglement and ingestion of plastic litter. To support government bodies and other environmental organizations, we have developed a solution that can be deployed on large scale to enable mitigation planning and operations, as well as continuous monitoring of plastic waste.

Pesticide Monitoring

Pesticide MonitoringIncreasing public awareness of the consequences of pesticide and fertilizer use for the environment has put great reputational and regulatory pressure on many organizations. Environmental, government and social responsibility are no longer limited discussions in academic circles and NGOs, companies are expected to disclose and monitor their activities that impact the broader natural and societal environment. Grundo is committed to the cause and has built novel and cost-efficient ways, using remote sensing, to detect chemicals and other hazardous substances that could damage the environment. Our solutions can assess the environmental impact by leveraging high-tech satellite image processing and the latest scientific research.

Figure Our methods are capable of detecting pesticide and fertilizer use with the help of satellite image processing by combining both low- and high-resolution imagery and using higher-resolution approximation algorithms when punctually required.

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