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Unlocking new risk models for agriculture through innovative yield prediction

Insurance Premium

We provide the most granular data about crops and agricultural practices globally with an unmatched yield-predicting capability of up to three months in advance, allowing for a much more accurate and cost-effective way to optimize parametric insurance in agriculture. Stay tuned for updates - coming soon

Commodity Trading

Our solution can estimate the type of crop and its area with accuracies around 90%, even for small farms and up to three months in advance, without relying on standard databases, giving a technology advantage over existing solutions and leading to a higher predicting value for commodity trading. Stay tuned for updates - coming soon

Farmer Loans

We have developed a solution that outperforms state-of-the-art algorithms in providing precise and granular historical information about crops and unmatched forecasting capabilities that facilitate the accurate estimation of credit scores for farmers and the collaterals behind the loans. Stay tuned for updates - coming soon

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